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Growing with Grammar, an eight-book series, aims to develop learners’ understanding of the basic concepts of English grammar through various fun-filled examples, exercises, and activities. In the process, it enables the learners to build up their written and oral communication skills as well. Designed in a lively style, the Growing with Grammar series explains the rules of grammar with numerous examples so that the learners can comprehend them easily.

About the Authour-

International School, Delhi, with several years of experience in K-12 education.

​​​Handwriting is an essential part of educational learning. The Cursive Writing series provides a strong foundation in handwriting to young leaders. It not only teaches the correct way of learning cursive writing but also helps kids to practice many other important aspects of learning like grammatical concepts, general awareness topics, writing letters, words and sentence writing, etc. The series includes a variety of themes to make writing practice learner's friendly.

The series is well-graded in a set of 8 books (A, B,C,1-5) 

C &1-5).

The  Blue HouseGrowing with Computers & IT, a nine-book series are developed for Primary and Middle school levels. Our reputed authors, curriculum experts, editors, and designers ensure that the topics, text, and graphics are always ‘just right’ to elevate reader’s learning graph, as measured by curriculum standards.

• In classes Intro to 3, two sweet characters Robo and Memo are used to make learning interesting, enjoyable and more interactive to effectively capture the attention of the learners of this age- group.

Shivani Verma (MA, BEd, PGDHR) has been principal, Silver Bells School, NCR, Delhi. Earlier, she has taught at St. Mary’s Convent School, Allahabad. An expert in education program development and management, Ms. Verma has about two decades of teaching experience.
Pratibha Roy (MA, BEd) has been a senior teacher at Bal Bharti Public School, Brij Vihar, NCR- Delhi.  She has more than twenty years of teaching experience and presently working as the Principal at Bal Vasundhara School, NCR. Ms. Roy has received her early education in the USA and Canada and obtained her Master’s degree in English.

The purpose of art education is washing the dust of daily life of our souls! In the current education system, art education is playing a vital role in understanding other subjects. The series main aim is to develop the hidden talent of children to trace, color, draw, paint, visualize, cut & paste.
Creative Hands an art & craft series is developed, keeping in mind the class-wise graded comprehension and learning level of children. Topics are self-explanatory and difficult topics are explained in a very easy manner, with the latest drawing techniques with the aim of making learning  

• There are many explanatory topics such as Educator’s Note, Learning Objectives, I Explore, I Know, Concept Note, Learning Outcomes, Trying Out, Activity@Computer Lab, Activity@School (Activities like role plays for peer-group based learning), Project@Home, Activity@Home, and Worksheets, etc.

About the Author

K. Krishna is an educational consultant with about two decades of experience in K-12 education. 

History Resource Person is former Principal of Shemrock International School and former Headmistress of Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi. She has previously worked as a faculty member in Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi and Lady Irwin School, New Delhi. She is the recipient of the 'UNICEF - India Development Education Award' for outstanding work in child development and quality education and has also received the National Award for Innovative Experiments and Practices for meritorious effort in school education.

Growing with Communication Skills books are developed for Primary and Middle ESL (English as a Second Language) students aiming to help them to understand English and enable them to speak in simple English Parent's participation in the process is must for the desired outcome.

About the Author

  • K. Krishna​ is an educational consultant with about two decades of experience in K-12 education. 
  • Amrit Kaur is a former teacher of Ryan 

enjoyable and fun.

Key Feature

• Creative art & craft activities with examples.
• In primary books in art section topics like Colour Study, Creative Colouring, Step-wise Drawing, Festival Activities, Origami, Posters & Still Life, etc. are widely covered.

• Quality composition & and artwork for Learners.
• Craft activities are self-explanatory and with step by step approach.
• Introduction of legendry artists.
• Glossary.​

I Wonder! is a series of General Knowledge for Classes 1-8. It paves a connection between the concepts grasped by the children and the actual world they live in. The series also aims at bridging the gap between the children and the elders by involving both in the learning process—one as a learner and the other as a facilitator.
The subject matter of each book of the series is divided into many sections.

About the Author

Dattaa Roy (M.A., B.Ed.) an Educationist, ELT and 

त्रिवेणी  ‘हिंदी व्याकरण एवं रचना’  शंखला 1-8 हिन्दी के व्यावहारिक व्याकरण (गंगा), भाषा रचना (यमुना) एवं ज्ञान (सरस्वती) का संगम है। पुस्तक में व्याकरण नियमों को छोटी-छोटी कविताओं, कॉमिक्स, चित्रकथा, कहानियों एवं जीवंत घटनाओं आदि के सजीव चित्रें एवं उदाहरणों के माध्यम से सरल भाषा में समझाने का प्रयास किया गया है।

आशीष मिश्रा (एम॰ ए॰, बी॰ एड॰ )
वरिष्ठ अध्यापिका, आदित्य बिरला पब्लिक स्कूल,नीमच,मध्य प्रदेश। योतिष पाण्डेय (एम॰ एड॰, बी॰ एड॰ )
वरिष्ठ अध्यापिका, दिल्ली।